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Thomasina Miers

A little inspiration for your reading list

A little inspiration for your reading list

The Bookshelf: we talk to our favourite chefs, writers and producers about their food-inspired libraries.

Number of books

About 500 or maybe a few more – it creeps up so occasionally I have to cull….

First purchase

Moro. It’s still one of my favourites. I’ve used the sourdough recipe for years. So many of the recipes are simple, delicious, warming treats.

Newest addition

Tacos: Recipes and Provocations by Alex Stupak. I have just been on maternity leave for six months and I’ve come back with a thirst to spruce up our menus at Wahaca, especially after an amazing research trip to New York in January. I am living and breathing Mexican food at the moment.

Most stains

The Chez Panisse cookbook; Stephanie Alexander’s encyclopedia The Cook’s Companion; most recently The Violet Bakery Cookbook.

Most recommended

I love Fuchsia Dunlop’s Every Grain of Rice – inspiring, achievable and delicious recipes. I am also reading First Bite by Bee Wilson which is a fascinating read on how we can inspire and encourage our children to love vegetables and other delicious whole foods.

Wish List

I would like Jackson Boxer to write a book, and Joseph Trivelli, and Jeremy Lee (some of my favourite chefs).

Home Cook by Thomasina Miers is out on 2nd March (Guardian Faber, £25)